Note: The following information applies to all GSM certified devices

FRP stands for: Factory Reset protection. FRP protects the device from access by a third party and from use after loss or theft of the device. The device can only be used if one knows the account data of the device.

How and when is FRP activated?

FRP is activated as soon as one enters a Google account for the device. This is then used for the backup.

When does FRP take effect?

FRP takes effect as soon as you try to reset the device via a key combination and do not choose the way via the settings in the device. The key combination will reset the device and the PIN, but you will be forced to connect your device to the Internet and enter your Google account and password. Skipping this point is not allowed. There is no other way to get the device working, unless you can prove that you are the owner of this device through your Google account.

IMPORTANT: It must be the Google Account that was previously used on the device.

How can the device still be reset?

The manufacturer or the service center are able to make the device usable again by reinstalling the operating system on most devices (there are exceptions). However, this is an intervention in the FRP, which is equivalent to theft protection in this case. Due to the lack of a Google account, the ownership has to be proven by an invoice. An invoice from private (e.g. Ebay) is not sufficient here.

How can a company prevent the user from performing a factory reset on your devices?

The IT of a company manages mobile devices more and more via MDM systems. An MDM system gives the IT administrator the possibility to set up a central second Google account on the devices for administrative access. A reset is possible via this account as long as the access data from this account is known. 

Also interesting for IT here is the use of Google Zero Touch.

How do I properly set the device to factory settings? 

To properly set a device to factory settings, there is only the way via the system settings (if not blocked by IT). If your device is unlocked please select:

 Reset Options
 Erase all Data (factory reset)

ATTENTION: Read the displayed instructions carefully. On some devices, the Google account is not automatically removed and must be manually deleted first.