Note: The following information applies to all mobile devices with Android 11 and above as well as to most devices from other manufacturers.

Android gives the user the possibility to store personal and medical information in the device in case of an emergency. This information is accessible to emergency personnel even if the owner cannot unlock the device, e.g. after an accident or in case of unconsciousness. 

The following information can be stored:

Medical information: Information of any kind. e.g. your blood group, required medication, previous illnesses, allergies or a pacemaker. 
This enables medical staff to make decisions more quickly.

Emergency contacts: People who are contacted in case of an emergency. These can be called directly over the phone. 
The emergency contacts must be available in the phone under Contacts.

You can enter emergency information as follows:

 Open <Settings>
 Enter "Emergency" in the search window and search
Select <Emergency Information>
 Enter the emergency information as described there