To connect the IS-MP.1 to another device, the IS-MP.1 must register as a HID (Human Interface Device):

Restart the IS-MP.1 and press button 1 while restarting.

The display shows <activating HID>.

To establish a connection between the devices:
Press and hold button 2 on the IS-MP.1. 

The display shows <Pairing Bluetooth...>.
Switch on Bluetooth® on your device and search for the IS-MP.1.

The name of the IS-MP.1 can be found in the upper left corner of the IS-MP.1 display. It starts with <RNBT> followed by 4 more characters, e.g. RNBT-BA4C.
Select the IS-MP.1 on the device.

The device connects to the IS-MP.1.