If you want to send an i.safe MOBILE device to the service centre, create a digital repair request via the i.safe MOBILE ticket system. The repair request is forwarded directly to the responsible service centre and also serves as a consignment note.

Open the i.safe MOBILE support page https://support.isafe-mobile.com.
Create a support ticket by clicking on the menu item <New Support Ticket>.

 Log in if you are already registered or register as a new user.

Fill in the mandatory fields marked with *.

Field explanation


Used for naming the internal archives (repair report, invoice,...).

TopicThis field corresponds to the subject field of an e-mail and is also used for communicating with you. 
If you have the requirement to enter internal process numbers in the subject, please enter these from the beginning. Subsequent changes to the subject create new tickets without reference to the repair request.
Area of Operation
This field is mandatory, so that you will be informed about the responsible service centre for your region.
Request type
Hardware Repair Request: 
You would like to send in the device for repair (hardware or software defective).

Software Related: 
You would like to send in the device regarding software (reinstall Firmware/unlock device).
Device Return AddressAll data necessary for the goods to reach you directly.
Complete address incl. company name, contact, street, postcode and city.

Even though not all details are mandatory, we ask you to enter as much data/information as possible in advance. This is the only way we can further reduce our turnaround times and you will receive your device back as soon as possible.