For cleaning and disinfecting MOBILE products, we recommend a spray consisting of 70 % pure alcohol (99.x % e.g. 2-propanol, isopropanol) and 30 % clean distilled water.

Leave the explosion hazardous area.
Switch off the device.
Remove the charging cable and any other plugs from the device.
Spray the device with the spray and wait a moment.
Clean the device with a dry microfibre cloth.
 Make sure the device is completely dry (min. 5 minutes) before switching on.


Although the disinfecting effect is better with a higher concentration, we recommend a maximum mixture of 70/30 to avoid damaging the materials used.

Attention: Damage caused by the use of aggressive disinfectants is not covered by the guarantee! As soon as you notice a change in colour on your device, you must under no circumstances use your device within a potentially explosive area!

For detailed information on the effect of the disinfectant mixture and the exposure time, refer to the 
local government information.