Products of the MOBILE which are designed for working inside Ex hazardous Areas are delivered together with the PROTECTOR. For this devices it is absolutely necessary to use the PROTECTOR for charging as well as for a data connection to PC.

Why it is necessary:

  • the device is designed, that it is not causing an explosion by electrical sparks; this is done by safety circuit inside the unit
  • by charging/data connection without PROTECTOR an electrical peak can destroy this electronic circuit

Consequence of that:

  • the Ex-certification of the devices are not valid anymore
  • you will not be allowed to use this inside Ex hazardous area anymore
  • worst case is, that the device can cause an accident by ignite an inflammable atmosphere by an electrical spark = Explosion


  • The device can be send back to one of our service centre to check if the safety circuit is damaged or not
  • To send in please use online form at our web page MOBILE/service

Note, that devices have to be charged by using the protector which was delivered together with the device itself.