i.safe MOBILE devices designed for explosion hazardous areas of Zone 1/21 may only be used with the i.safe PROTECTOR supplied. This applies both to charging and to a data connection with a PC.

Only connect accessories approved by i.safe MOBILE to the device.
Accessories approved by i.safe MOBILE can be found on the i.safe MOBILE website.

Why is this necessary?

i.safe MOBILE devices are designed not to be a source of ignition in explosion hazardous areas. This is ensured by a safety circuit inside the device.    
Charging/data connections without i.safe PROTECTOR can cause current or voltage spikes to destroy this electronic safety circuit.


What if I use a standard cable?

The Ex certifications of your device are no longer valid.
Under no circumstances may you use your device inside explosion hazardous areas.    
In the worst case, the device can cause an explosion in flammable atmospheres.


What can I do if I have already used a standard cable?

Send the device to our service centre for a check of the safety circuit.
For quick order processing, submit a repair request. For detailed instructions, click here.