Note: The following information applies to IS-TH1xx.x

The IS-TH1xx.x is equipped with original Zebra scan engines and the Decoder PL5000. Within this the programming of the IS-TH1xx.x is quite easy to handle.

For programming, download the free Zebra Tool 123Scan to your PC.
Install the Zebra Tool 123Scan on a PC and not directly on the IS530.x.
Download the attached file (see below) to your PC.
Open the file with the Zebra Tool 123Scan.
Program the IS-TH1xx.x as described in the Zebra videos or 123Scan manual.
 To transfer the settings to the IS-TH1xx.x, scan the QR code generated in 123Scan with the IS-TH1xx.x directly from the monitor.

Alternatively, you can print out the QR code generated in 123Scan and distribute it to the users in the explosion hazardous areas.

If you ever have problems with the IS-TH1xx.x, always test it first with the factory settings. 
How do I reset the IS-TH1xx.x to factory settings?