Entering the wrong PIN several times on a smart phone/mobile phone is no problem as long as you still have everything that came with the SIM-Card.


SIM-Cards have several codes which are structured hierarchically. Usually PIN 1 and PUK 1 can be found at the card carrier of the SIM Card.


When using a SIM-Card for the first time, the PIN is requested. If not changed in the settings, it will be requested at every restart.

  • If the PIN is entered incorrectly several times, the phone is locked and need to be unlocked with the PUK.
  • If also the PUK was entered incorrectly several times, it only can be unlocked with the PUK 2 which usually need to be requested at the provider.


Note: The PIN of the SIM-Card is not connected to the unlock function of the phone itself. A separate unlock code, pattern, or something else, can be entered there.

Attention by using Dual-Sim at mobile devices: Don't mix up the PINs of the SIM-Cards.