There are several ways to back up or synchronise contacts on the IS320.1:


Google account :

Using the Android operating system of the IS320.1, you can synchronise the contacts of the IS320.1 with those of your Google account: Back up & sync device contacts


Bluetooth :

You can transfer individual contacts from device to device using Bluetooth.

Save to SD card:
In the main menu, select the menu item <People>.
Tap the three dots at the bottom right.
Select <Import/export>.
Select <Phone contact> as source.
Select <SD card> as destination.
If you want to transfer the contacts to a new IS320.1, remove the SD card after you have finished copying.
Insert the SD card into the new device.
Import the contacts as described above, but select <SD card> as the source and <Phone contact> as the destination.

The contacts are stored on the SD card as a VCF file.
If you want to transfer the contacts to a device other than the IS320.1, check in advance whether it can use VCF or CSV files.
If necessary, convert the data beforehand using third-party software.

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